Bedi Shield – Protective Oral Care Device

Easy to use care device helps Medical Professionals, Carers and care residents

As we age we are more likely to need support with our oral hygiene. For individuals with cognitive impairment caused by conditions like dementia, such health concerns seriously impact the state of their oral health and their reaction to receiving care; however it is critical that their mouth care is not overlooked.  Continue reading

Sizzling Summer Savings – August Offers

August 14 – Front no crop or bleed low resBeaucare’s summer offers for August are out now……..

We have some fantastic offers on Treatment room equipment, with 15% off the ProPulse NG Ear Syringe, NOW £129.99, NEW IPad Defibrillator – £1178.50 and Opticlar VisionMed P3 Ostocope, with 30% off, NOW £68.75.

SECA patient weighing scales, get 10% off this month on our Digital Hoist Scales, plus see our other scales in the range including Digital Chair Scales, Digital Wheelchair Scales, and Personal Scales from £88.49.

Beaucare supply a complete range of Bathroom Essentials, such as Adjustable Shower Chairs at ONLY £45.95 to Aquabathe Tilting Shower Chairs NOW £575.

The August offers features feeding and dining aids including our Dementia Crockery Sets, NEW Dignified Aprons and Napkins, plus Feeding Aids. All help to ensure feeding times are a pleasurable experience for patient and carer.

We have patient handling equipment such as patient slide sheets from as little as £9.56 each, plus One Way Chair Slide sheets at JUST £21.56. We also stock transfer boards and patient slide boards.

Finally, enjoy the summer sun and get your Picnic and Party essentials, whether it be for a fantasy picnic in the care home garden or a trip away for the day – we have a wide selection of hygiene disposable for all your food and beverage requirements.

Take a look at our offers now….. call 01423 873666 to order.

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Using Pressure Relief Products

The Importance of Pressure Relief Products

What Are Pressure Relief Products?

As the make up of society changes, then the needs of its population also changes. This can be attributed to changes in the population’s age, as an aging population is becoming a reality, as well as issues like obesity. Because of this, then there is a lot of additional strain on services such as care homes and medicine. Continue reading

Score with the Best Price – July Offers

The offers for this month are now out! See the July Flyer and “Score with the Best Prices”

Showcasing the Beaulift Range; We have hoisting solutions that can be tailored to your requirements, from the Arise II Stand to Ceiling Track Hoists, we have unique and innovative solutions.

Beauwash Dishwashing Solutions shows off our range of machine wash, rinse aid and dosing units. Our special Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer on our Washing Chemicals, plus dosing units available for rent from as little as £15/Month.

Servicing and co-ordinating LOLER’s can be a pain, Beaucare’s dedicated service department will look after all your service requirements, from annual hoist servicing to on-site maintenance, our engineers are fully qualified and trained to the highest standards.

COSHH Training is a requirement that employees must undertake if they deal with chemicals on a daily basis. We can do on-site training and support, we also have a new COSHH Training Video.

Many nursing homes require waterproof protective bedding, here at Beaucare we have a large array of protective bedding from duvets, pillows, draw sheets and covers, prices starting at just £2.69.


First Aid Essentials; we stock first aid kits for small, medium and large sized businesses, as well as refills starting from just £12. Additionally we have First Aid signage and accessories such as accident books and eye wash stations. Plus bespoke kits suchas as catering, travel, car etc.

 Score the Best Price with July’s Offers

For Further details contact our sales team on 01423 873666 or email


Why Is Infection Control Important?

What Is Infection Control?

An infection is the result of a foreign body such as a bacteria fungus or virus entering a host and causing harm or damage. In the case of humans, this often how illness and disease begin, and therefore is something that needs to be controlled.

Infection control, are the methods that are taken to prevent spread an multiplication of infection. In establishments such as care homes and hospitals, as well as those involved in serving the public. Bodies such as Public Health England and the Care Quality Commission are responsible for ensuring that high standards are met and maintained; for the protection of those that are in care and those that are caring.

Methods Of infection Control

There are a range of methods of infection control include:

-          Anti bacterial soaps – use of anti bacterial soaps is one way to control the spread an multiplication of infection. Anti bacterial soaps are designed to stave off the spread of infection; by keeping one of the areas that attracts the most germs clean (the hands) then those in charge of caring for someone have a greater chance of not spreading or catching infections.

-          Stringent Hand Washing Routines – by ensuring that there is a clear cut method of hand washing in place, everyone will have a method of best practice to use as a guideline for how to limit the spread of infection.

-          Hand Gel – hand gel is a useful weapon in the fight for infection control. Strategically placing gel stations around the establishment and encouraging a culture of using them when passing from one area to another will help to control infection and stem the spread of germs.

-          Uniforms – as well as helping staff identify one another and patients know who is in charged; uniforms for care and nursing are designed with the notion of infection control in mind. Medical uniforms have little in the way of locations for bacteria and other infections to multiply meaning that they protect the wearer and those in their care

-          Protective clothing – another way to protect yourself and those in your care from infection in carehomes, is to use protective over clothing. This can take a range of forms, gloves; aprons and face masks being primary examples. These are often disposable single use items which don’t allow for the growth of bacteria

Other Ideas For Infection Control

One of the most effective ways to ensure that there is infection control, is to have a strict and effective cleaning regime in place. Use the highest quality effective cleaning chemicals and cleaning products and ensure that you clean from clean to dirty so as to avoid spreading infection. Areas for food preparation and dining; beds where residents are in a long period of time; and bathrooms are some of the most important areas to focus on.

Summer is coming – June offers

Beaucare’s June 2014 offers are out now.

Check out our range of products to ensure infection control measures are met, new JUNE MAILER 3 juneindicator tape and notes to ensure rooms and equipment are sanitised, plus Clinell Spill wipes and a full range of Sharps bins, for other items ask the sales team.

ProBed® range – NEW The Bariatric Ultimate Profiling Bed RRP£2150 introductory offer at £1620. ProBed®  Lite – Just £398 each, features trendelenburg, plus ProBed® Nevada buy two at £475 each.

Atmo® a full range of pressure relieving mattresses on offer this month, the Eos 6 at just £199,  Artemis 7 a medium risk overlay for £299, Olympus 10 High risk full replacement just £485 and our Atlas 9, a very high risk overlay at £550.


Other offers this month include the Furniture4care classic bedroom package at just £299. Numatic cleaning equipment with hoovers from as little as £98…..look at the June 2014 offers now. Call 01423 873666 for further advice and details.