The Importance Of Hand Hygiene

What Is Hand Hygiene?

Hygiene is important for us all on a day to day basis, in order to prevent ourselves from getting ill and from spreading disease and germs to others. However in certain sectors then hygiene is even more vital than it is to the general public. If you have a position that is involved in care, medicine or handling or manufacturing food amongst others, then hygiene and hand hygiene are essential to be given priority. Continue reading

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The Importance Caring For Dementia Patients

What Is Dementia?

With an aging population, one of the issues that the UK has to cope with is that while people are living for longer and there are a lot of advancements in science and medicine dementia is still a serious condition that has an effect on a lot of people.    Continue reading

The Importance Of Comfortable Care Home Patient Seating

Using Rise and Recliner Chairs to Keep Your Patients Comfortable

Care homes are a business that the country is becoming ever reliant on; as with an aging population, there are more and more people who are living longer, however they lack the mobility or health to look after themselves as they would have done at a younger age. Families want the best for their elderly relatives, and therefore they are going to judge care homes based on the quality of care and the standard of the facilities that their relative is going to spend their days in. Continue reading

The Importance Of Care Home Equipment Servicing

Keeping Your Care Home Equipment In Top Condition

The care and medical professions are sectors that are always growing, partly due to the UK’s aging population. Therefore it is important to ensure that the equipment that is used by the professionals in these industries, is up to scratch to ensure the safety of the care staff working with it; as well as the patients that need the care home equipment to get from their beds to a bath or other necessary functions. Continue reading

Feel the BeauLOVE – February offers out now

Our February offers are out now

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The Importance of Safe Patient Handling

Why Safe Patient Handling Is Important

As the population of Britain ages; due to advances in modern medicine and a better standard of living, then one of the issues that needs to be faced is that although people are living longer they often become less mobile and may struggle to get out of bed or get washed by themselves. Therefore there is a necessity for safe patient handling techniques and equipment to assist staff and make life easier for patients. Continue reading